What was I thinking?

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Hubby recently completed an Ironman 70.3. It’s a triathlon event of crazy distances (and this is only the half distance one!) He did extremely well and is already planning to better his time in the next Half Ironman. So all this got me thinking that it’s about time I participate in an event. I’m always on the side lines encouraging, but secretly I always wanted to in the event.

Last year I walked the Chevron City to Surf 12km and it felt really good to be part of the event (Hubby ran the half marathon). Well, this year I entered to run the 12km. It sounded like a good idea at the time…the weather was really nice, not too hot, not too cold…the sun was still rising nice and early. There’d be plenty of time to train for the event come August.

What I failed to take into consideration is that the weather is turning and it’s now pretty much the beginning of winter. The sun is no longer up when I wake up and I have to dress in several layers to go run…and I use the term ‘run’ loosely…it’s more walking with bursts of stumbling and hyperventilation in between.

Hubby, ever supportive, worked out a training plan for me last night and programmed it into his old heart rate monitor. So this morning I left the house, armed with the monitor, ready to get running. I switched the watch on and it immediately started to beep at me. How can my heart rate be too high already? I haven’t even started yet! Initially I thought it was just counting down the warm up, but it kept beeping the whole 30 minutes.

I tried to look professional by ‘casually’ pressing buttons in the hope to shut it up, but no luck. Maybe people thought it was some kind of warning beacon. ‘Watch out! Crazy lady huffing and puffing up ahead!’

Despite this, I actually managed to do something which resemble running for a few minutes, so perhaps all isn’t lost. During those few seconds I was ‘running’, I actually enjoyed it! Perhaps there’s hope for me yet and I might still finish the 12kms. Tomorrow is a yoga day, so I can stretch out those hips. I’ll definitely keep you posted with how things progress. Wish me luck!


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