Winter time

Photo by Michele Reid

Autumn leaves early in the morning.

Well it’s definitely winter in Perth. Icy mornings and my washing refuses to dry. My friends in the northern hemisphere are enjoying sending me photos and emails about how they’re enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather.  But winter isn’t all bad, the tree in our street put on an amazing display as the leaves changed.

It’s also a great time to indulge in some treats I won’t normally do in the warmer months. Hubby baked these delicious scones from scratch! I’m a terrible baker so I’m quite lucky to have a husband who can bake.

Photo by Michele Reid

Yummy scones with cream!

The weather really started to get cold earlier last month when we were down in Busselton for the Half Ironman. I took a few photos while we were down there.

Photo by Michele Reid

Rain coming in over the ocean at the Busselton jetty.

Photo by Michele Reid

Rain on the car window – I was taking shelter from the icy cold wind.

Photo by Michele Reid

Beautiful winter sunrise the day of the Busselton Half Ironman event. Pity it was absolutely freezing.


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