South Africa – Part One

Earlier this year we were lucky to travel back to South Africa to attend my brother’s wedding. It was great seeing family members again after a few years and I was especially grateful to be able to spend a few days hanging out with my brother.

A must for us was to have dinner at our favourite restaurant in the whole world, Kitima. It’s located in the old Kronendal homestead which is a beautiful Cape Dutch farm house. We have been coming years and have never been disappointed. They serve delicious Thai meals and boast an extensive wine list. The atmosphere is perfect for a romantic evening and luckily this time round we could afford to splurge a little bit.

Image from

The beautiful manor house. Image from Kitima’s website.

Image from

The bar area inside the restaurant. Image from Kitima’s website.

Hubby has always watched the guys paragliding off Lion’s Head when we were enjoying some sundowners at Clifton when we were still living in Cape Town. I’m absolutely terrified of heights, even flying is a traumatic experience for me (and who ever happens to be the poor soul having to travel with me!) I decided that if he’s going to do it, then I will have to do it too. On the proposed day, the weather wasn’t too good so I was quite relieved when the company decided to postpone our trip. Unfortunately for me the following day was a beautiful sunny day. We headed up to Lion’s head but the breeze shifted which meant we had to take off from Signal Hill. There were already quite a few people strapped into their harnesses and taking off with their pilots (we were doing a tandem one as we’re no experts). I could see Hubby getting really excited while I tried to swallow down the lump in my throat and ignore the pit in my stomach.

Photo by Stephen Reid

The view from Signal Hill over Cape Town and Table Mountain.

Hubby disappeared off into one direction with his pilot to get into his harness while my pilot got me to sign the waiver that in case anything happens, I knew it was dangerous and don’t hold them responsible. At this point I was starting to wonder just what exactly I was thinking when I said I would come with. I was busy trying to get into my harness when I saw Hubby and his Pilot getting ready to take off next. Imagine my shock when I realised a) he didn’t even say goodbye and b) I’m about to see my husband jump take off from quite a height and would that flimsy looking parachute be able to keep two grown men afloat in the air. Before I could shout any romantic parting words he was off. He disappeared for a few seconds before reappearing, floating gently above Sea Point.

My turn was next and as you can probably deduct, I survived. It wasn’t actually so bad. My wonderful pilot tried to point out some sights but looking down was not the smartest thing I did, so I focused more on the container ships in the distance. When we were about to land he suggested we do something a bit more adventurous. Not wanting to be called a chicken, I went with it and we did some pretty sharp corkscrew turns. I couldn’t keep it in any longer and let out an almighty scream. My poor pilot thought something was wrong and as we came in to land I could hear the other people who landed just before me laugh. But it really was quite to be floating up in the sky and I would most definitely recommend it to anyone, even if you’re afraid of heights.  Unfortunately the breeze wasn’t very strong that day so we couldn’t be up there for very long (actually, it was a good thing for me because I think I reached my paragliding quota a minute or so before we came in to land). Hubby could have stayed up there all day I think.

We also decided to go have lunch in the city one day and meet up with my brother before the wedding (he works in the city). We strolled through the historic Company Gardens (a great place to escape the summer heat in the city) while keeping an eye out for squirrels. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of coming to the city and visiting the museum (which is situated at the top end of the gardens) and buying a packet of nuts to supposedly feed the squirrels. The poor squirrels often got a raw deal with me stuffing my face with most of the nuts.

Photo by Michele Reid

The Company Gardens in Cape Town.

Photo by Stephen Reid

Cape Dutch architecture in the Company Gardens.

We had a quick walk down Long Street and also a stroll through Greenmarket Square. This used to be the best fleamarket in Cape Town, but sadly almost all of the original stall holders have gone and in their place are stalls selling the same African curious as the one next to it. You used to be able to buy great clothes, some real, authentic South African wares, CD’s, homewares and jewellery (I still wear a silver toe ring I bought there 16 years ago! I wear it every day so how’s that for quality?

Photo by Michele Reid

African masks. Australian quarantine officials will have a field day with these!

Photo by Michele Reid

Beautifully carved wildlife.

Photo by Michele Reid

My favourite, beaded animals!

We decided to have lunch at one of the restaurants on the square and the food was absolutely delicious (complete with local boutique beer). We returned again just before we left to take my mom to lunch there.

Photo by Michele Reid

A Victorian building in Cape Town’s Long Street.

Of course I indulged a little while we were there. You can’t expect me to not enjoy at least some of the delicious foods available. A little ritual Hubby and I had when he was studying for his MBA was to go have some Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt and stroll around in the Waterfront. The Business School is located right in the Waterfront so I would meet him there after his classes and we had a bit of a date munching Old English Toffee (mine covered in Astros and his chocolate chips) while watching the seals playing and the sunburnt tourists. I so wish I can find an equivalent here in Perth but so far every frozen yoghurt I’ve tried have fallen far short. We got to stroll through the waterfront and watch the seals playing about in the harbour with beautiful Table Mountain as the backdrop.

Photo by Stephen Reid

View over Table Mountain and the Rich and Famous’ apartments and yachts in the Waterfront.

Photo by Stephen Reid

Ferrymans Taverns is a favourite spot for tourists and locals on a sunny Friday afternoon.

Photo by Michele Reid

Best frozen yoghurt in the world. Oh Marcel’s how I miss you!

Photo by Michele Reid

A seal enjoying the afternoon sun.

Photo by Michele Reid

A giant beaded elephant stands guard in the Waterfront.

Photo by Michele Reid

Adorable beaded African dolls.

Part Two will follow shortly.




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