Springtime in Perth

Photo by Stephen Reid

Beautiful tulips

Spring is definitely when Perth is at it’s prettiest. Everything dries out in the blistering summer sun, but during spring the bush is covered with beautiful wild flowers and the grass is still nice and green.

Photo by Michele Reid


Photo by Stephen Reid

Photo by Michele Reid

Love the purple and white ones.

Photo by Stephen Reid

Even the bees love the tulips.

Photo by Michele Reid

More beautiful flowers at Araluen.

Photo by Michele Reid

Spring blossoms.

A must at springtime here is to visit Araluen Botanical Garden. Every spring the garden is home to thousands of beautiful tulips. Last year we went a bit late in the season and while there were still many flowers out and about, a few were starting to look a bit tired. This year I was super organised and made sure to contact them as soon as the weather became more balmy so we could see the flowers as soon as they opened.

Photo by Michele Reid

Wild flowers along the roadside.

Photo by Michele Reid

Fruit tree blossoms at Core Cider House.

Afterwards we went for a drive through the orchards and stopped for a hot chocolate at Core Cider House (the gluten free brownies are delish!) Beautiful flowers and chocolate, what more can a girl ask for?


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