Happy 2014!

Happy 2014 everyone! Yes, I know the first month of the year is almost over, and I promised to blog more often, but I have a really good excuse for my absence, really. I had some ‘technical difficulties’ which resulted in me having to get my laptop replaced. I still don’t have all the software installed on it, but it’s getting there. We also got a new addition to the family, a beautiful kitten! It took a few days for her to adjust to us and her older fur-sister, but we’re one big happy family now.

Hubby and I also bought our first home late last year (squeeeeeeee!) We spent most of our time off over Christmas and New Year packing and have just moved into our home on the weekend. It has been hectic (and super hot!) but we’re so excited to be in our own place where we can paint and go crazy. So, with all of this going on and work, I haven’t had much time to blog. But my laptop is working again and I’m avoiding unpacking boxes, so I’ll no doubt be blogging quite a bit.

We’ve hit that time of year here in Perth where you absolutely avoid going outside. I swear I can feel myself begin to wither within seconds of stepping outside into the dry, hot, blistering sun. The plus side is the ocean temp should be getting warm enough for me to swim in soon!

We’ve got some plans for 2014. I’ll share my goal list with you in the next post (I refuse to do resolutions, I figured goals are good to work towards and if I don’t achieve them this year, I can also try again next year). Not sure if we’ll be able to do any travelling this year (although I’m hoping for at least a mini break possibly), but we do have some family coming over for a visit, so we’ll get up to all kinds of touristy things around here and of course I’ll share the adventures.