Some Indian inspired Christmas presents

Wow, where did this year disappear to? I am convinced with each passing year time goes by quicker. Any way, Christmas is almost upon us and I decided to share some of my favourite things with you in case you were looking for some last minute gifts.

Today I’m sharing my Indian inspiration gift list.

I’m a tea-aholic. I’m not a fan of coffee and spend my days chugging down mugs and mugs of tea. There is one shop here in Australia that I absolutely love, more for their beautiful tea sets than their vast variety of teas (there are so many divine blends available). At the moment I am head over heels in love with T2Tea’s Sari Collection. If my hubby is reading this…this is a strong hint that I would love any of these under the Christmas tree.

Sari Range

The Sari Collection by T2tea

Green Cup

I would love to drink my chai from this cup

Sugar Bowl

Sugar pot



Etsy is another favourite of mine. You can find really beautiful and unique items from sellers. At the moment I really like the wedding band cushion by Kangan Arora. The chai glasses tea towel is also very cute.


Love this cushion!

Chai tea towel

Chai glasses tea towel

I have been lemming this print by incredibly talented artist Cate Parr from Silver Ridge Studio for ages. It’s just so beautiful and I love the colours.

Indian Bride

Ok, so maybe I have a few hoarding issues. I love books. I love the smell of them, I love reading them and sometimes, I just like to look at them.  A while back I rejoiced when I received Sanjay Patel’s Little Book of Hindu Deities. I have since added his other books and just found out he has a new one out about Ganesha! His illustrations are just too adorable and the books are great for young and old alike.


Sanjay’s Kali

Finally I have to share a few of my favourites from online shop The Play Clan. They do some great kitsch Indian items like t-shirts, cushions and cups to name a few. I also adore this clutch bag. It’s so unique and people will definitely want to know where you got it.

Chori Clutch Bag

Love the uniqueness of this clutch

Truck Tircha Cushion Cover

Truck cushion


Adorable Saraswati T-shirt

Cup & Saucer

I think this cup and saucer is just adorable

Do you know of a great shop that sells wonderful Indian inspired items? I’d love to hear about it. I hope you find all you wish for under your Christmas tree!