Beating the winter blues

Photo by Stephen Reid

Sunset in Cape Town, South Africa

Apologies. I have been very bad at blogging the past few weeks, not because I don’t want to share lots of interesting (ok, interesting to me) things with you, but mainly because I’ve been suffering from a bad case of winter blues. I am convinced humans were designed to hibernate. The constant cold and dark mornings have taken the spring out of my step and add to that a returning back injury which has me wondering if I will be able to compete in my 12km run, it just wasn’t a good few weeks.  It’s also my birthday month which inevitably means I get homesick…I start to miss the mountains, my family, even the annoying guineafowl that used to wake us up at unholy hours of the morning with their loud screeching.

But today the sun is shining, it’s rumoured to be a relatively mild day and I am feeling happier than I have in a while. I’ve also had the first decent night’s sleep as my back is actually feeling a bit better, yay! (doing happy dance!) So it’s happy days and smiles all around!

So as Hubby has set out in the dark hours of this morning to go do a 30+km training run (he really is amazing), I should probably carpe diem and get moving. I’m thinking a nice, super slow, short run / walk just to get the muscles moving again and to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!



New Beginnings

Photo by Stephen Reid

Getting all my ducks in a row.

So sorry for the radio silence, or in this case, blog silence. I haven’t forgotten about you but life doesn’t wait for me to catch up and before I knew it, it was today. Lots of things have been going on and it seems I’m set for a few new beginnings this month.

Firstly, I’m starting a new job on Monday. I’m quite excited but nervous at the same time. I get to meet new people plus this job is so close to home, I can cycle to work. At least I’m going to try to. Guess I have no more excuses not to get back on the bike.

Secondly, my running has improved quite a bit. No longer am I shuffling and walking. I went for a 40 min run on Sunday and managed to run the whole way this time. Same for my shorter runs this week! So there is hope for me that I might be able to run most of the 12km in next month’s run.

I’ve also decided to focus more on my health and fitness levels, so have joined a group exercise class on Saturdays. I figured it’s a great way to meet more people here and get in shape at the same time. Hubby has a few sporting events he’s participating in for the rest of the year and I think that even though I will never be able to compete at the level he’s in, maybe one day I can participate in the shorter distances of some of the events. I’m already cheering him on at the events, I might as well take part.

I’m also dreaming about our dream home. I want to make sure that if we ever get the opportunity to get our own place, it’ll look the way we want to inside. At the moment we’re renting so we’re quite limited with what we can do. But it doesn’t mean I can’t plan ahead for when we get our own place or rent a bigger place. I’ve gone mad on Pintrest pinning anything home related, from plants for a garden (if we ever have one) to tea cups. I’ll share a few of my crazy ideas with you in a future blog post.


Happy Solstice!


Photo by Danilo Pivato

It’s Friday and it’s Solstice! Down Under it’s Winter Solstice…mentally I’m already feeling much happier thinking that days will slowly start to get longer and hopefully warmer!

I greeted the icy morning with some yoga to get the limbs warmed up. Mia decided she was far more comfortable in front of the heater than joining me on my mat as usual.

Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful weekend and Solstice, which ever one you’ll be celebrating!

Blissful morning


I won’t lie to you, sometimes the extreme weather in Australia really gets to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love living here, but my body occasionally seem to have adverse reactions when we hit 40 degrees Celsius for a few consecutive days.

This morning my fur-child came to give me some cuddles. I think it might have had more to do with access to some air-conditioned bliss than loving me, but I like to pretend it’s all about me. Lying in my semi slumber, I thought for a moment that I was imagining things. Thunder. Most likely just a plane and my brain is playing wishful thinking. But no, there it was again. It was thunder. It was soon followed by some rain.

Getting up was easy. Sure it was quite humid but the smell of fresh rain and eucalypts in the air had me in a wonderful mood.  So what better than doing some early morning yoga to the sound of rain. Absolute bliss.

2012 Draws to a close

It’s that time of year again where we wish the past year farewell and look forward to new beginnings. This year we’re being rather boring, opting for a quiet celebration with just the three of us (me, hubby and our fur child).

It has been quite a year. I’ve realised a life long dream of visiting India (posts on our travels to follow shortly), survived everything this year has thrown at us (albeit barely) and managed to be one step closer to really knowing who I am and finding some bliss in life.

I’ve already started to think of some New Year Goals (goals sound better to me than resolutions). Some are quite silly but others will help me be a healthier and subsequently happier person. 2013 I am really going to focus on my yoga practice and being healthy. I’m no longer in my 20’s and I’ve realised that I can no longer eat my bodyweight in chocolate without having to pay for it later. So will have to cut down (drastically) on the chocolate and focus on exercise and healthy eating.

Photo by Michele Reid

My DIY Christmas wreath

Photo by Stephen Reid

Christmas tree with stockings

So to say farewell I thought I’d share some of our Christmas photos. This year I will start a bit earlier with the diy projects. I hope you enjoyed the holidays and that 2013 brings amazing adventures (we’ve already booked our first one!).